Cyber Safety & Sexting Prevention

The Children’s Advocacy Center is commited to educating the community about safe use of digital devices and preventing the online perpetration of youth.

Digital devices are great for instant communication with friends and family and our online world can be a fun place to socialize. However, the internet is a place where many unsafe people and situations can be found.

In an effort to reduce the risk to youth online, the CAC offers free trainings to the community. Topics covered include: safe posting dos and don’ts; sexting and the related legal and social risks; and online predators and grooming behaviors.

Trainings are available to youth, parents, and professionals. See our training menu for more information or contact Stephanie Joyal at 508-674-6111 or

Monitor children and teens’ actvity on ALL digital devices, such as:


  • Computer/Laptops

  • Cell Phones

  • Tablets

  • MP3 Players

  • Gaming Devices

  • E-readers

Legal Consequences of Sexting:

Sending or receiving sexually explicit pictures of a person under age 18 is dissemination of child porn, even when the pictures are of yourself. It is illegal to take them, share them, or possess them.


Social Consequences of Sexting: