Forensic Interviews

Child Forensic Interviews

forensic-interviewChild forensic interviews are conducted by a specially trained professional who is experienced in talking to children about difficult subjects. This allows the investigators to obtain an impartial account of the child’s abuse that is both accurate and as complete as possible, without causing further trauma to the child. Because children can become confused or traumatized when interviewed by several people regarding an allegation or disclosure of abuse, the MDT observes the interview from a separate room using closed-circuit technology. Referrals are received only from law enforcement, Massachusetts Department of Children & Families and Bristol County District Attorney’s office. Child and Extended Forensic Interviews are provided free of charge.

Extended Forensic Interview

An Extended Forensic Interview is a structured, forensically defensible interview conducted over multiple sessions. This model attempts to meet the needs of a subset of children who are considered at high risk; but are challenged by the demands of a single session approach because of young age, temperament, communication difficulties or trauma. Through a partnership with Saint Anne’s Hospital’s Youth Trauma Program, hospital clinicians conduct extended forensic interviews on CAC premises.

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