How to Talk to Your Child

It is appropriate and important to teach children as young as age four about personal safety. Four, five, and six year olds can begin talking with you about personal safety and learn skills through the directives below.

Help your child learn these steps to protect him or herself should he/she encounter a dangerous or abusive situation. Through this training, when we are not with our children, they still have the knowledge and state of mind to do the right thing in the worst possible situation.

  • Tell your child to never keep secrets including about touching.
  • Help your child practice safety rules, like saying “No,” getting away, and telling a responsible grown up.
  • Make sure your child knows that they can come to you about anything and they will not be in trouble.
  • Your child should know this rule: No one should touch a child’s private body parts except to keep them clean and healthy.
  • Tell your child that if someone touches them or tries to touch them in an inappropriate manner that they should tell you or a safe person immediately.
  • Teach your child the “always-ask-first-rule.” Your child should understand that they must ask permission first.
  • Teach your child about the “buddy system” and how to use it.
  • Do all the above on an ongoing basis and practice teachable moments.

Abused children may appear often scared, anxious, depressed, withdrawn or aggressive.

Report Suspected Abuse