Late Childhood (approximately 9-12)

Common Sexual-Exploration Behaviors

  • Masturbating (typically in private)
  • Playing games with children their own age that include sexual behavior
  • Attempting to see others naked
  • Viewing pictures that are of nude or partially nude people
  • Viewing and/or listening to media that has sexual content
  • Wanting more privacy and independence
  • Interest in romantic relationships

Teaching Healthy Sexual Development

  • Teaching what to expect and how to deal with changes that result from puberty
  • Teaching the basics of reproduction, pregnancy, and childbirth
  • Have an open conversation about sexual activity and welcome any questions they may have. Take the opportunity to educated them on pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and contraception
  • Reinforcing that masturbation is common and normal but should be done in private

Teaching Body Safety

  • Teaching your child as well as educating yourself as to how your child can maintain safety and personal boundaries when online
  • Exploring with your child as well as teaching them how to recognize and avoid risky social situations
  • Developing rules of dating



are the first line of defense in protecting your child from sexual abuse

Report Suspected Abuse