Mental Health Services

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Bristol County is committed to providing a supporting journey of healing. Swift and early connection to mental health is one of the primary determinants of resiliency from a childhood traumatic experience.

Mental Health Referrals

Our Family Advocates will address the immediate and long-term effects of child abuse-related trauma to the child as well as the stress a family may experience in many areas of their life following a child’s disclosure of abuse.

Mental health referrals are provided to mental health clinicians in their community who are trained and credentialed in trauma informed treatment modalities which are rooted in best practice.

Mental Health Capacity Building Program

The Children’s Advocacy Center serves as a regional provider of offering training to mental health clinicians with the most well-supported and effective trauma treatment modalities for treating child victims of abuse—such as TF-CBTARC and SMART. We have provided over 150 therapists from among ten clinics free training. To be considered among the therapists eligible for the next Mental Health Capacity Building Program, contact Samantha Willis, Family Advocate.

ACE Study

Children who have been sexually abused often have symptoms and associated psychological and emotional problems that can linger for years after the traumatic event. These include early initiation of smoking, multiple sex partners and associated infectious diseases, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, severe obesity, and suicide attempts, as well as, mental health problems such as anxiety, mood, sleep or personality disorders and problems with relationships and compulsive behaviors. Read more to learn about the impact of childhood trauma into adulthood

Did you know?

Access and connection to mental health services is crucial to a child who has suffered trauma.

We all wish for a world where a child doesn’t keep secrets about harmful things being done to them.

A world where a child can just be a child.