We don’t think twice about teaching our children how to cross the street safely. Teaching our children how to keep their bodies safe from sexual abuse should be just as natural.

You should know that the typical child sexual abuse perpetrator:

  • Is probably well known and liked by you and your child
  • Can be a respected member of the community
  • Can be a man, or woman
  • Can be married or single
  • Can be of any race, religion or sexual preference
  • Can be an adolescent or adult
  • Can be a family member, relative, or family friend
  • Can be a teacher, clergy member, or babysitter
  • Can be anyone who comes in contact with children

Talk openly with your child about their private parts, using proper names for these parts, so that they feel comfortable speaking to you about this topic.

Download your Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Brochure

Did You Know?

The pinwheel is the sign for child abuse prevention

Let others know that you and your child are educated about sexual abuse.