The CAC Team Approach

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Bristol County, a private, non-profit agency, provides services to children and intellectually disabled adults who have been victims of severe physical abuse, witness to violence or sexual abuse. Over 90% of all cases fall into the latter category.

Based upon a national, child-focused model, the center provides a sensitive and coordinated response to allegations and disclosures of child abuse. For each child abuse case, a multi-disciplinary team is formed comprised of law enforcement, Department of Children & Families, District Attorney’s office, Massachusetts Pedi-SANE program and community-based agencies. This collaborative approach is at the heart of the evidence-based model which provides a place and process for the child to provide the details of their victimization only one time during the investigative period in an effort to minimize their trauma.

The CAC of Bristol County is one of 12 centers in MA while our purview is based upon crimes occurring within Bristol County, the agency also offers courtesy services to victims living in our county when an offense may have occurred in another states jurisdiction. There are over 800 Children Advocacy Centers in the United States.

We can not do it alone.

Signs of Child Abuse

Find out what are indicators of child abuse that include but are not limited to these signs. Some signs that a child is experiencing abuse are more obvious than others. Trust your instincts. Suspected abuse is enough of a reason to contact authorities. You do not need proof.

Our Mission

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Bristol County works to empower children and families to heal from the trauma of abuse and violence through community partnerships, education and the pursuit of justice.

Listen to radio commercials promoting child abuse awareness and prevention:

Listen to District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn

Listen to Executive Director Michelle Loranger

Listen to a Mom

Our goal is to equip first responders with a best practice response to ensure the safety of the child as well as ensuring that an efficient and effective investigation takes place. Contact us today at to request free training to your school district, medical office or child-serving organization.

Education & Outreach

We don’t think twice about teaching our children how to cross the street safely. Teaching our children how to keep their bodies safe from sexual abuse should be just as natural.

How to Talk to Your Child

The center provides direct services to children and families from any of the 20 towns and cities in Bristol County, Massachusetts. The responding MDT team members are determined based upon the town/city of the alleged crime.

MDT Model